The Great Buff - Potions & Pirates

Hi everyone,

Over the last few months we have spent a lot of time nerfing cards in an effort to give you a more balanced and interesting meta-game. However, recently we have also started looking at some of our weakest cards, looking at bringing them up and making more of them viable.

The reality is that, currently, many of our card effects barely resemble the Chronicle you guys are playing now (think of cards like Smuggler, Chain Shot Cannon and Silverlight). As such, we are proposing buffs and redesigns to a significant portion of the card collection, and we want your feedback. The aim here is simple; to make more cards viable for players of all abilities.

Here is our plan. We will rebalance between 10 and 20 cards per week for the next 6 or 7 weeks. The week before they are rebalanced, we will post the proposed changes here to get your feedback. Throughout this period the cards will be being tested constantly, and your feedback will form a huge part of that process.

We want to hear what you think about;

•   The individual changes
•   Where we have missed game breaking combos
•   Where the redesigns are too strong
•   Where we haven’t gone far enough
•   Anything else you think could help us

We know this looks like an extreme change, and to some extent it is. We are trying to make the game as exciting as possible, but with a core mechanic that lacks years of experience (unlike any other games of this type), some things will work and some things won’t. It’s exciting, and that is what makes Chronicle unique and fun. Here is a chance for us to fix some things that didn’t work, and we want your feedback.

The first list is below. Let us know what you think.

Antifire Potion

Unstable Concotion

Crystal Flask

Explosive Potion


Chaos Druid


The water card allows you to spend a potion that has little value, meaning you can create combos that don't spend your newly valuable potion cards.

Cabin Boy

Chain Shot Cannon



Bandit King

Balance Tweaks

In addition to the buffs, we've also taken in your feedback on a few community cards that need some changes, here they are:



Rowdy Cannoneer

Everything you see here is being play-tested as you read it. We want your feedback this weekend! We'll then make changes and publish the final balance values before launching on Thursday.

Join the conversation on the Forums & Reddit, to leave your feedback and discuss the changes.