Introducing the Trials of Radimus!

It's been almost a year since we first opened the Hall of Legends, and in that time we've seen the PvP elements on the game develop immensely. However it's time for a challenge of a different nature, a series of trials designed to test creativity and push your deck building to deal with unique and powerful adversaries. These, are the Trials of Radimus!

The Trials of Radimus is Chronicle's first Single Player Campaign Expansion! The entirety of the Trials are available for free to every single player. There is no purchase necessary, and while future Campaigns may have an entry fee, we viewed the Trials as an essential addition to the game that should be open and free to every player.

The nature of the Trials is one of varying depth, from new players to seasoned veterans, the Trials will hold a challenge befitting those who attempt them. Each Trial has 3 Stars to collect, the first of which will always be defeating your opponent. From there, things get more challenging, as to collect more stars players must meet specific victory conditions - For example stopping The Raptor surpassing 20 Armour!

There'll be 13 unique missions in the Trials of Radimus, meaning 39 Challenges to complete! Each mission will take place against a unique and challenging Rival, there'll be familiar foes armed to the teeth, and new challenges hailing from across Gielinor! Take down Bandit Kings, out-muscle Barbarian Warriors and face off against the might of the TzHaar! And of course, waiting for you at the end to truly test your skills will be the Grand Vizier of the Legends’ Guild himself, Radimus Erkle.

Welcome to Karamja

The Trials will take you all over Gielinor, not only to the familiar locales of Misthalin, Morytania and the Kharidian Desert, but to a brand new Environment! Don't be fooled by the sea and sand, Karamja is an ancient land, inhabited by races far more powerful and deadly than the idyllic island would have you believe. Ancient and powerful races aside, there's also the slight problem of a piracy epidemic, Karamjan Rum has been fueling them to new levels of mayhem, so if there's time, sort them out would you?

Karamja launches with 2 environments, themed around the TzHaar Volcano and taking the fight to the beaches. These will be entering the rotation in other modes as well, with work continuing on a brand new Wilderness map, and a third Karamja location, we're bringing even more great locations to Chronicle in the coming months!

A Legend's Reward

No great adventure would be complete without great rewards, and the Trials of Radimus are no exception. Persevering through the Trials and defeating Radimus himself will reward the player with a host of great rewards along the way, in addition to the usual Packs & Copper, there will be exclusive, Campaign only rewards! While we don't want to spoil these quite yet, Radimus himself will be joining your Collection as a free unique Diamond Card upon his defeat! 

Naturally this is one of the biggest updates we've ever put into Chronicle. There's so much to discuss and we're constantly looking for feedback. To discuss the upcoming content, head over to the Forums or the Reddit and have your say!