Chronicle: RuneScape Legends – End of an Era

It is with a great deal of sadness that we are announcing the decision to bid farewell to Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. Read more.

Introducing the Trials of Radimus!

Get the details on Chronicle's upcoming Single Player Campaign mode, The Trials of Radimus! Read more.

The Great Buff - Potions & Pirates

Always wanted to see a more powerful Kaqemeex or Smuggler? The time has come to get out the shammy and buff up some unloved cards. Read more.

Patch Notes - Release 1.4.8

Read the latest updates to Chronicle: RuneScape Legends! Read more.

Patch 1.4.6 Notes

Read about the latest changes in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends! Read more.

Patch 1.4.5 Notes

Read up on the latest changes in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends! Read more.

Morvran Enters the Battle!, Card History & More! 

Morvran, The Slayer Master, has joined the fight! With a whole host of other features. Read more.

Chronicle Launches on Steam!

2 years in the making, Chronicle is now available to download for free on Steam! Read more.

Chronicle launches May 26th

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends launches on Steam May 26th! To celebrate, grab your free packs in game by the 15th! Read more.

One Month On

Chronicle has now been in Open Beta for a month (a little longer for those lucky enough to get Early Access), which seems like a good time to reflect on how we’ve progressed, and take a look ahead at our plans. Read more.